We contacted some industry experts to discover more about what’s popular, what people want and look for in fragrance and what suggestions they have towards creating  a new fragrance and brand.

CLINIQUE said: Fragrance is about emotions feelings and perception. A fragrance should compliment your personality your style and most importantly make you feel confident and beautiful.

Fragrances can vividly evoke memories of people, places or things. When clients describe what they like in a fragrance you can see what’s most important to them and/or the person they are buying for.

At CLINIQUE we custom fit fragrances to the individual client because everyone is different. We have a few fragrances all of which cover each of what we believe to be the  most significant emotions; Happy, Romantic, Innocent and sweet and Mysterious.

At CLINIQUE we also encourage the layering of Fragrance something that’s being lost within the industry. Layering different forms of fragrance, i.e, creams and lotions etc, sets scent to skin much like powder sets foundation to the face.

Different forms of fragrance allow you to detect scents within because evaporation occurs at different rates, altering scent over time. Layering builds the richness of a fragrance and helps it last longer too.

At CLINIQUE we very rarely launch and advertise fragrances, we rely more on word of mouth from our loyal customers and our strong company representation.


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