Fragrance Industry Facts

  • The first modern perfume was made in 1370
  • 75% of emotions are triggered my smell
  • Sense cells are renewed every 28 days
  • Someone who smells good can appear up to 10% better looking
  • 80% of women use fragrance at least once a day
  • The average women owns 5 fragrances
  • The UK fragrance industry alone is worth £1.25 billion* with a predicted growth of 4.5%
  • In 2012 1400 new fragrances where launched
  • Many companies now opt to use celebrities to face and advertise their fragrances
  • 33% of men’s fragrances are in fact worn by women
  • Women’s fragrance dominates the industry by 62%
  • The annual global perfume industry sales revenue is estimated at around 27.5 billion.

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